What We Do?
Our business is to
  • Own vessels
  • Charter vessels out to third party operators, and
  • Operate vessels

    With this business model, we earn recurrent charter hire income which contributes to the stability of the Company's income structure.
Our current fleet comprises handysize bulk carrier for the following reasons:
  • Handysize bulk carrier can carry a wide variety of cargo types such as grain, steel products, cement, logs and so on. This diversified cargo portfolio makes the Company resilient to sluggish shipping market;
  • Large portion of the existing vessels is over 21 years old and demotition capacity is expected to absorb the new vessel supply pressure in the market; and
  • Liquidity of the Handysize bulk market is high due to its versatility.
As our strategy, we try to maximize our profit by the following mesures:
  • Acquiring of good quality vessels at competitive prices;
  • Chartering out our vessels at competitive hire rates;
  • Making efforts to prevent vessel's operational incidents;
  • Selectively working with reputable charterers via stringent credit control; and
  • Strictly controlling vessels' operational expenses.